<aside> 👩‍🚒 Need help? A brigade member can assist you at one of our public events.


Where can I keep in touch with my team?

Slack is our primary communication channel. You can receive an invitation to our workspace by registering an account here: https://brigade.opencharlotte.org/ - Slack will send an invitation to your email shortly afterward.

How can I meet with my team?

While you're welcome to arrange a meeting with your team on your own, our public events are times where brigade members can meet and collaborative at one of our rented or partner spaces. Keep in touch with your fellow brigade members on Slack to coordinate attendance and availability. Many brigade members have busy schedules and choose to do most of their work from home and Slack can also be used for audio or event video calls to help facilitate collaboration through this method.

Where do we keep documentation?

This site and a few of our project wikis are generously powered by Notion.

If you would like to contribute to any of our Notion wikis, register a free Notion account and then email us (info@opencharlotte.org) your Slack username and the email address you registered for Notion with.

Individual projects may use a different tool. That should be noted on the projects list.

Where do technical projects keep their code?

Software projects are generally listed on our GitHub organization page unless otherwise noted in an individual project's documentation.