Caravel's unified keyword search allows you to quickly find conversations that mention a specific keyword across multiple sources. The search bar can be found in the left sidebar within Your Feed.

Search operators

Search operators can take your search query further.


By default, our keyword search will look for conversations that contain all words in the search query. For example, the search query: great support will return conversations where both great and support are found text.


You may want to search for conversations that contain each word separately. This is where our OR operator is used. Adding | between keywords will return conversations that contain great or support in the text.

<aside> ⌨️ The | operator can be found by holding Shift + \\ on your keyboard. An OR keyword search looks like great | support



In some cases, it's helpful to use a NOT operator to exclude certain keywords from showing up in a search. Adding a - before each word will exclude these from the results.