Technical Functionality of

Main System Components:

The platform will have its components relying on the following technical solutions and languages.

The DAO itself will have the implementation of its voting mechanism based on BIP-20 inside the Binance Smart Chain. The publication of voting results will be effectuated on the Ethereum blockchain via a BSC-ETH Bridge.

Node.Js Backend Microservices will be acting as the main backend of the platform, services for parsing of the ETH - BTT blockchains with a BSC-ETH bridge.

Interaction of the frontend with all platform microservices will be realized via REST.API and WS/

The Liquidity Pool will be based on the ERC-20 standard, accepting all relevant token and coin formats compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

Platform Security

Platform security is a paramount factor for the development team, as ensuring the safety of user funds and the transparency, and incorruptibility of voting results, are the founding concepts behind the functioning of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The following security measures will be implemented on the platform:

Smart Contract Security

The security of smart contracts running the will be ensured based on the following measures taken: