Working at Alva should be great. Here you can read about some of the benefits and perks that come with the job.

🧭 Flexible work hours

Come and go as you like, work when it suits you the best. No one will clock your time our count your hours. As long as you get your job done in a great way, you can work as little (or as much) as you would like.

🌴 7 weeks of vacation

All employees get seven weeks of paid vacation each year. Plenty of time to get sand between your toes, finish that book or sip Mai Tais.

💻 Desktop setup

🏋️ Wellness allowance

You decide what tech equipment you need to make your work life easier. As long as it is needed for you to be productive at work, you can buy it. After all, we are a tech company.

All employees working in Sweden get a yearly wellness allowance of 5000 SEK. You can use this to pay for gym memberships, start fees in races, and more. And while we're on the subject, don't miss out on Alva Fitness Club on Fridays!

👵🏽 Retirement plan

For employees working in Sweden, Alva pays 3% on your salary for occupational pension.

Starting 1st of January 2023 we will up the pension to 4%. And finally, 1st of January 2024 we will reflect ITP1.

Chill-mode after 65: HERE WE COME!

💉 Health care

Alva has a company health insurance, meaning that if you were to get sick for a long period, the insurance will kick in and help pay for your time off.

🍻 A fridge full of fun

The office fridge in United Spaces is most often full of coke, sparkling water, snacks and beers. You never know when the After Work-urge sets in.

🏡 Remote work

We have an office in central Stockholm (United Spaces, Klarabergsviadukten 63), but you are always welcome to work remotely as long as that works for you.