Aerotime is reinventing calendar to make humans more effective and less busy.

Today's calendar system has a lot of issues that makes it work against us and not for us:

  1. Spaced out meetings causing a lot of fragmentation and hence wasted time.
  2. No clear flow in the day. We run from one meeting to another or get distracted by continuous stream of messages.
  3. Lot of meetings! We've all been there, sitting in meetings where we feel we're not adding any value.

Aerotime fixes them at the core and goes beyond by:

  1. Automatically grouping all your similar meetings together in one block and nudging the upcoming ones in the right direction. It works for all your meetings, period.
  2. Bringing your tasks on the calendar. Aerotime figures out the best time for your task automatically and even makes space for it.
  3. Pulling you out of meetings where you're needed.

Individuals and teams trust Aerotime to help them find flow and run at their peak efficiency, prioritizing work that is important and makes them happy!

Why Join

Our time is limited, it is the only asset that cannot be bought back. Yet without realizing it, we use it ineffectively day after day. You'll be solving for this problem!

You'll be reinventing calendars with us and helping humans be a lot more effective. As an early member, you'll define the principles and culture of Aerotime and be integral in defining long-term roadmap of this company.

If you join us, you'll be a founding team member who helps define:

  1. Future company culture and principles