1Hive is a group of like minded builders and entrepreneurs exploring novel ways to create, organize, and grow communities.

This community handbook is a living document intended to help 1Hive community members to learn about how 1Hive operates, its culture, and all the various projects and initiatives which have sprung up within and around the 1Hive community.

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The Bee Hive 🐝

The Bee Hive is an Aragon organization used to facilitate governance of the 1Hive community.

Trusted community members are assigned a single non-transferrable Bee token granting them governance authority in the community.

Collectively 1Hive's Bees have the responsibility of stewarding the 1Hive community, setting its rules and norms, and managing the issuance and initial distribution of 1Hive's community currency Honey.


Expectation of Bees




1Hive Community Projects