Welcome to the FAQs for the Fermob Lighting app!

In this forum, you’ll find regularly updated answers to your questions to help you get up and running with the Fermob Lighting app.

Before you start

1) Get your smartphone ready

iOS (iPhone apple)

Android (other makes)

2) Pair your first lamp with your smartphone

Add your very first lamp

3) Learn about the Fermob Lighting app gestures

The 2 gestures you need to know

🔺 The Fermob Lighting app isn’t recognising your light or Ludo? Follow the guide

Reset Mooon! H63 / H134

Reset Inouï H44

Reset Hoop L1200

Reset Mooon! ⌀15

Reset Ludo

🔺 After pairing, your lamp keeps disconnecting from the Fermob Lighting app? Follow the guide

Update the software (firmware)

All the features of the Fermob Lighting app

Navigation menu

Add new lamps

Rename a lamp

Create lighting ambiences

Share your Fermob family

Set a timer

Schedule ambiences

Create group(s) of lights

Add Ludo to your installation

Frequently asked questions

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