Welcome to Collective.

We’re building the home for NFT communities. Our mission is to unf*ck the Internet and empower NFT communities. We believe that NFT communities can build incredible things if given the tools to do so.

Our flagship product gives every NFT community a token-gated forum for discussion, knowledge-sharing, governance, and more on collective.xyz.

We want to help every community break free from the chaos of Discord. Communities shouldn’t have to worry about technology, hacks, or other barriers to building. Just have fun.

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For access to our flagship community product, or other ways we can collaborate, please fill out this form:

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Giving the keys to your community is incredibly powerful.

Read more about our flagship product features here.

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Other ways we can collaborate

Beyond our community product, there are lots of ways we can collaborate. If you’re an NFT creator, we want to help you. Some of these ways include running Twitter Spaces, building out custom features, or creating content for you.

Reach out to us on Twitter or via this form: