<aside> πŸ’‘ Welcome to the Nodle Chain wiki. If you want to learn about nodes, governance, staking and other topics in the context of our chain you are at the right place.


Nodle is the world’s largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for the Internet of Things.


The Nodle Chain is a central component of the Nodle Network, you can learn more about it in the following pages.

πŸ”₯ Using Nodle

How to Create a Nodle Cash Wallet

How to Unlock Coins

How to Create a MultiSig

πŸ” Definitions

Nodle Network

Network Contributor (Edge Nodes)

⚑ Running a Node

Server Requirements

Setting up the dependencies

Running a Full Node

πŸ—οΈ Architecture

Different Kinds of Nodes and their Roles

πŸ’» Backing up your Wallet

Importing your Mobile Wallet on the Web

πŸ”’ Staking & Validation

Why Stake



πŸ”‘ Public Key Infrastructure


Getting Registered on the PKI Registry

Creating a Root Certificate or Key