“To build tools and protocols that allow all peers to interact with the decentralized economy in the most secure, easy, and accessible way”

The future of Web3 won't be limited to any one blockchain. At Liquality, we're focused on interoperability and making our product a one-stop shop for all of crypto. Whether it's integrating with major networks like RSK, Polygon, or Ethereum, or developing the features that will define the Web3 user experience like swaps, we're not just building a browser extension but the window into a new internet.

Liquality is a crypto wallet for currencies across the blockchain universe. Assets can be swapped and applications can be accessed by anyone without the need to sign up with a centralized entity, such as an exchange. We build tools that enable digital autonomy because they are more efficient and without gatekeepers, will lead to a more open, equitable world.

If this mission excites you and you are interested in building with a smart and diverse team please get in touch so we can explore opportunities. If you don’t see a Job Description and believe you can contribute, we are happy to hear from you. Reach out to us at jobs@liquality.io to join us!

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