The consent driven decision making process from Sociocracy could help us make decisions within a clear framework that allows for discussion, critical concerns and clarifications but with a focus on 'what can we try that's safe enough now?'

It also gives a clear definition of roles that can be swapped and shared among the team in order to share the more stressful aspects of decision making such as mediating and facilitating disagreements.

There's also a robust documentation process within the structure in order to keep others not present in the loop of decision-making processes.

So far there are no clear ways of making this process effect in an a-synchronous multi-timezone way and still relies on a synchronous meeting.

This is a PDF handout the trainers gave out:

A proposal process follows these steps once a proposal has been written:

The consent driven process probed what we feel 'comfortable' and 'safe' taking forward in implementation with the understanding that re-proposals can happen.

An example of a proposal to turn off notifications:

The Consent driven decision making process prioritises a shared understanding of a problem and trying to reach a safe decision by the end of the meeting or process.