About This Page

Welcome to the CryptoQuant Outliers page. Crypto services like exchanges often create new wallets and move their funds for security reasons so we periodically update exchange flows by adding newly created wallets. This page is for recording the history of BTC, ETH outliers (ex. Exchange In/Outflows) that might be an internal transfer. Check more details about entity type in our data guide.

If a newly created wallet doesn't have enough historical transactions to determine the owner of the wallet, we usually wait until the next transaction. For example, if an exchange moves its funds to new wallets, we'll add them after waiting for the transferred funds to flow back to the exchange's wallets.

Apr 1 - Apr 15, 2022


  1. [btc][exchange][coinbase_pro] outflows occurred 29k —> Some of the Bitcoins flowed into the existing cold wallets, but it seems to be not that big. You can figure out the exact number after clustering new addresses in about 7 days. This kind of transaction seems to happen only when Coinbase decided to move a significant amount of Bitcoins to other wallets.

Feb 9 - Feb 22, 2022


  1. [btc][exchange][ftx] Inflows occurred 10k ⇒ Further investigation is underway
  2. [btc][exchange][ftx] Outflows occurred 10k ⇒ Further investigation is underway

Jan 19 - Feb 1, 2022