Season 5: Writer, Editor, and Designer Bounties


Writers will be paid up to 6,000 BANK for their pieces. The rate is 3 BANK per word, up to the maximum of 6K BANK.

Bonus: At the end of Season 5, the five articles with the most views recorded on the Bankless Publishing website will each earn the writer a 10,000 BANK bonus.

📭 To submit an article see the Bankless Publishing Submissions page.

Outline Milestone - A Pilot

During Season 5 the EPA will trial a bounty of 750 BANK for writers to produce a thorough outline of a topic allocated in conjunction with the Lead Assignment Editor (kalex1138.eth).

This would be a 'milestone' payment, or if the writer decided they did not want to pursue writing a full article after all, then their outline could be given to someone else to write from. For clarity: A writer who is paid for an outline and who goes on to have that article published will receive the final article payment less 750 BANK. If a writer does not proceed past the paid outline and the article is completed by another writer, that writer’s final payment will remain intact.

Content Editors

(Must pass the Editing Test)

Content edit: 4,000-6,000 BANK per article (dependant on lift required — 1, 2, or 3)

Copy Editors

(Must pass the Editing Test)

2,000 BANK per article

🧩 For more information on the Editing Test see the Writers Guild Onboarding page.

An article with a content editing lift of 1 will represent a ‘light touch’ by the content editor, whereas a lift of 3 will represent an intensive and time-consuming editing process. It is anticipated most content edits will be rated at 2, which falls somewhere in between these efforts.

Cover Designers

8,000 BANK pool per week: rates negotiated within that amount.

In-Article Charts/Graphs and Layout Designers

5,000 BANK pool per week: rates negotiated within that amount.