Bankless Publishing

Season 9: Writer, Editor, and Designer Bounties


Writers will be rewarded 6,000 BANK for their pieces.

Writers may submit an article for consideration at any stage during the season. If accepted for publication, the writer will work with the assigned content editor to finesse the piece for publication.

đŸ“­ To submit an article see the Bankless Publishing Submissions page.

Content Editors

(Must pass an Editing Test)

Content edit: 6,000 BANK per article

Work with the submitting author to improve thesis, structure, cohesion, topic coverage, and flow.

Copy Editors

(Must pass an Editing Test)

4,000 BANK per article

Proofread assigned articles and edit the copy, ensuring aspects such as linked references, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation are correct, and clarity of expression is excellent.

All editors work to ensure the article text aligns with the current Editing Framework, while contributing to the continual improvement of this framework.

Take the content and/or copy editing tests to be qualified to edit for Bankless Publishing. You can find these in Discord, pinned to the #editing channel.

Cover Designers

5,000 BANK per article

In consultation with Content Managers, design and produce cover artwork and / or graphics for articles published by Bankless Publishing.

đŸª™ For more information on BP roles and seasonal budget see the Season 9 Budget Proposal.