Each week a project from the community will be chosen to be Featured on Launchpad

  1. Launches will always be on Friday at 7:00 PM UTC.
  2. To participate in voting and submission you will need to have 5000 staked STARS and connect to #starrybot to gain the stars-hodlr role and access the token Discord token-gated channels.
  3. There must be a minimum of 5 different project submissions for voting to proceed. If there are less than 5 projects, submissions will stay open for another week.
  4. Only one submission per person.
  5. Only one collection per project/creator at a time.
  6. Projects can not have already been launched.
  7. A featured project/creator must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before another collection can enter Launchpad.
  8. Voting will take place in 3 stages.
  9. The winner will launch two weeks after winning.
  10. All criteria on #faq still apply, including a max 30% WL mint from mintable allocation (total minus airdrop), max royalty of 7%, having a Stargaze Name, etc.
  11. Stargaze Team has final approval on ALL projects and may require adjustments to collection value, cover image, and royalties to be featured. The team reserves the right to veto any project.


  1. Friday ~7:00 PM UTC to Monday ~7:00 PM UTC - Submissions accepted
  2. Request the “project submitter” role in the #creator channel.
  3. Projects must tag their thread in Discord.
  4. Include a short description max ~60 words.
  5. Include the mint price and the number of items in the collection.