Random Generator Now is a specialised tool that has been created to allow you to randomly generate a whole range of different aspect that we will discuss in detail just below.

However, first go on the site and have a little play and let us know what you think to it. You should see that it is fast, free and quick to use. Simply hit the randomise button and you can generate stuff.

This is a random generator that shuffles up the alphabet and then randomly picks one letter. You can hit the randomise button as well to come up with another random letter.

This tool will randomly pick you a date at complete random. Whether yo are testing your knowledge from the time since you started or just want to come up with a random date.

This will automatically select you a number ranging from 1 to 10. That includes 1 and 10. At complete random.

From all 195 countries in the world this tool will select you a country at complete random to choose form.