Migrating the Panel

You must already have a Panel instance. Read more at WISP License Management.

Go to your WISP instance Admin Panel, select AdministrationMigrator and fill in all the required details. Your Pterodactyl Panel and database must be running and reachable for WISP to connect for the migration process.

Make sure all your Nodes and Locations have descriptions on your Pterodactyl panel. Empty descriptions might cause errors. In addition, your API Key must have all permissions to migrate everything.


Migrating Daemon servers

During the WISP daemon installation, it will ask should you want to migrate the Pterodactyl servers to WISP. You must migrate the Panel first. Select yes (y) to proceed with the migration.

The installer should automatically disable the Pterodactyl daemon and move server files to /home/wisp/daemon-data. For modified or non-standard Pterodactyl installations, you might want to read this:

Advanced Pterodactyl Daemon Migration

View all available guides, chat with the WISP community on Discord and open a support ticket should you require assistance.