<aside> 📌 TL;DR: You should hire high school intern(s). Fiveable will help you support them and you'll get the help you need with projects you decide. It's a win-win. Request an intern.



At Fiveable, we've hired hundreds of high school students as paid interns across a variety of roles. They run social media accounts, answer chat support, manage community spaces, write and edit content, optimize for SEO, create video clips, and even build internal tools.

It was intentional for us to include student interns on every team because it keeps a direct line of communication with our end user. We are literally built by and for students. And it's also aligned with our mission to make learning social. Student interns are collaborating in real-world settings.


The Fiveable community is now overflowing with very impressive AP students and word has spread about our internship opportunities. COVID has seriously limited the work opportunities that students have and remote internships are hard to come by. Meanwhile, these students are digital natives with deep understandings of online tools, social media, and remote collaboration.

In the last few weeks, we've had 600+ applications for roles we posted in business, content, and support. There are more students than we can hire, but someone should hire them.

<aside> 📌 I'm looking for companies to hire remote student intern(s) in a business ops role for 10 hours per week from March 1 to June 1.

There will be a group of interns in this cohort, all working similar jobs at different places and supporting each other throughout the experience.


Interns are incredibly impressive and have made huge impacts on Fiveable.