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I've built Remote Hunt to help people find their next remote team to join. The idea is to look more deeply into remote companies and answer questions like:

🌎 where is their team located and how would my time zone fit?

⌚️ can I work flexible hours?

💻 do they pay for a laptop?

✈️ are they doing company retreats?

🗺 Remote company profiles



🔎 Finding remote teams

You can use several filters to find remote companies who resonate with you. Search filters can be combined, so for example you can browse fully remote product companies with flexible hours, company retreats and unlimited vacation.


⌚️ Comparing time zones

While I very much love the idea of working completely async, I do understand that this is not possible for every company and at all times.


You can see in which time zones remote teams are working and can compare these to your own time zone:

🟢 number of locations with 0...3h difference from you

🟠 3...6h difference

🔴 >6h difference