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Create a Dataset

How to create a new Dataset

A Dataset is a combination of several data sources, on which you could apply data preparation rules and scorings, before syncing them to other tools.

For example, you could create datasets:

Datasets can be built from your raw data sources, or from another dataset.

You can create a dataset in no code or in SQL.

Let’s focus here on “No code” dataset creation.

1. Create the dataset from the first source

Step 1 - Create a dataset

From the left Menu Dataset, you can click on “Build Dataset” at the top right.

You will be invited to choose between “No code Builder” or “SQL Builder”, and to give a name to your dataset.

Step 2 - Choose the first source

The first step is to choose the data source of your dataset.

You can choose a table from one of the Sources defined in the “Connectors” menu. It is also possible to choose an existing dataset as a source.