Setting and reaching Goals has never been more rewarding or more intuitive! We're super excited to walk you through how to Capture a Goal in OnLoop:

  1. Tap the ➕ Capture button, either on your Home Screen, next to a connected direct report, or on your direct report’s profile

  2. Select who you’d like to Capture on—either yourself, or one of your directs

    <aside> ℹ️ For now, you can only Capture Goals on yourself or on your reports.


  3. Select the type of Capture you’d like to make, in this case a Goal

  4. Choose from four Goal types:

  5. Each Goal type will have its own prompts:

  6. If you’re creating a Goal for yourself, commit to how often you’d like to be nudged about it. You can pick one of our presets, or set your own schedule.

    If you’re creating a Goal for your direct, they’ll pick their own notification schedule once you’ve shared the Goal with them.

    <aside> 🚀 Tip: You’ll need to enable notifications for these! Just say yes when prompted.


  7. Tap Save or Share Goal privately

Once you’ve shared your Goal with your direct or manager, they’ll have the opportunity to review and edit your Goal. Make sure you’ve aligned, and hit the ground running!

When might you make a Goal Capture?

On your directs:

On yourself:

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