About us:

Fabian Laresser:

My name is Fabian Laresser and I live in Linz, Austria. I study International Logistics Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr and I am in my first year right now. We participate in this project as part of a lecture program and I am keen to learn new things, especially in the area of data visualization.


Manuel Brankl:

Hi, my name is Manuel but most people call me Mani. Since september 2020, I am studying ILM at the University of applied science in Steyr. Till now I had a lot of fun making new friends and learning about logistics. Unfortunately the pandemic took away some of that fun. Nevertheless, I am trying to make the best out of it. As for sports, I try to do a lot but my motivation is still lacking. I miss the gym and my weekly football games. I have a Farm at home which belongs to my brother, working at home helps me to clear my head and to stay fit. I have very little experience in data visualization but I am very eager to learn and hopefully I can make some new friends.


Thomas Lorenz:

Hello, my Name is Thomas and I am 23 years old. I live in Passau, Germany. I study International Logistics Management at the University of applied Sciences in Steyr. We participate in this Project to learn new things about Data visualization and to meet new people from all around the world.


Nina Krenn:

My name is Nina Krenn and I am 24 years old. I am currently studying International Logistics Management in Upper Austria. During our first semester we dedicated a lot of time editing and processing data in Microsoft Excel. This project offers us the possibility to enhance our knowledge in data visualization. We can let our creatifity run free.



We are in project group B with other students from all over the world and our goal is to collect data on sports and exercise. Due to the corona crisis, exercising and doing physical activities have become much more difficult. Reasons for that are for example the closures of gyms, being quarantined or lack of motivation. Because of its actuality, we are quite excited to work on this topic.

Some topic ideas we had:

We agreed to work on E-Bikes and visualise data we found. Firstly we made differences between cyclists, non cyclists and ebikers. What is more we differentiated between the amount of people using this certain means of transportation and the sex of the people. Furthermore we analysed fatal accidents of people in different states, who used cars, buses, trucks, bicycles or walked.

During the last weeks we have visualized both, import and export of e-bikes from and to Germany in Tableau. We have compared the quantities sold in Germany with those in Europe. Another topic on which we have focused is the use of helmets in all their forms. (Age, country, reasons for it, reasons against it)


Physical activity of electric bicycle users compared to conventional bicycle users and non-cyclists: Insights based on health and transport data from an online survey in seven European cities