Hey, I'm Alfie

I’m originally from 🇵🇭 and now I’m in 🇦🇺

I have lived in over 4 countries and counting — Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, and Saudi +

I'm HEX's Technical BA — we’re building the innovation gap year for high school students.

👋 I’m happy to help with any problems related to product, no-code, and MVPs

📚 Hobbies: Making new recipes, Running, Listening to podcasts (All-in, 100 MBA, 20VC), and Swimming

✨ Interests: Always keen to chat to people interested in product, no-code/ low-code, investing, and Solidity

😂 Fun fact: Not me, but I wanted to introduce you to @timetheragdoll. Hit him up on instagram, he's super active there. I’m also trying to get into the world of podcasting (but more on that when it happens)