We are trying an experiment at modfy.video to do an internship program for high school and college students

About Modfy

Modfy is a Video processing startup.

A company that focuses on video processing for the web.

Modfy - Wasm Video Compressor/Transcoder

Modfy is also backed by Pioneer(https://pioneer.app/)

Pioneer - The network for ambitious outsiders

Pioneer is an accelerator for the next generation of founders, most recent success story from a pioneer founder https://www.forbes.com/sites/noahkirsch/2020/10/29/atmos-a-start-up-for-custom-homes-raises-funds-at-a-25-million-valuation/#35f09cd23d31

The program

The program will be from 1-3 months of length based on your availability

The opportunity for students is to be able to learn and work at an early stage startup