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Value of Conversational AI for Your Business

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Impact to Zammo Customers

Why Enterprises Should Get on Voice Assistants

High School Students Launch Conversational AI on Voice and Chat

Microsoft AI and ML for Restaurants

Adding Conversational AI to Your IVR System

Retail Industry Demo

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Real Estate Industry Demo

Empowering AI Documentary

Our Ability & Zammo Empower Job Seekers on Voice

Microsoft SaaS Stories: Learn from Software Experts with Zammo

Accessibility: Improving Ease of Use in Recruitment – A Talk With Zammo.ai

OpenAI Restaurant Webinar Demo

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Phase 1: General Conversational AI Understanding

Phase 2: Multi-Turn Conversations

Phase 3: Advanced Conversation Design

Phase 4: Maintenance & Feedback Loop

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Contoso Higher Education Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Health Services Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Insurance Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Government Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Financial Services Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Retail Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Manufacturing Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Internal HR & IT Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Banking Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

Contoso Utilities Zammo-Azure OpenAI Demo

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[Zammo.ai Demo Walkthrough](https://www.notion.so/Zammo-ai-Demo-Walkthrough-07b84e0436f24c10a869de23e09cfe39)

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