The Current Gig

Q: What are your strengths? How do you know that?

A: I can really good at ...

Q: What do you need to work on? How do you know that? How are you working on this area? Is your company helping?

A: I suck at making estimates. ... I need more practice on ... ...

Q: How long have you been at the current company?

A: ...

Q: How long have you been in the current role?


Q: When was your last promotion of role? How was this communicated to you? What is the one thing you believe you did to earn this promotion?


Q: When was your last compensation increase? (Compensation = Base salary, bonus, and/or stock)


Q: Do you feel fairly compensated? If not, why? If not, what would you consider fair compensation? What facts do you base that opinion on? Have you told this to your manager?


Q: When was the last time you received feedback from your manager?


Q: What compliment do you wish you could receive about your work?


Q: Are you learning from your manager? What was the last significant thing you learned from them?