Tech debt groups help you organise the debt you've tracked.

They typically capture domains in your codebase (e.g. Payments, Authentication, etc.) so that you can segment your debt according to the parts of your codebase and mirror how you reason about things when planning out work.

Metrics like time lost and quality issues are aggregated at the group level to help you understand where most of your problems lie, at a high level.

Assign debt reports to groups

By default reports land in a global feed, but this can get messy when you have many engineers reporting debt.

Reports can be assigned to groups directly when they're submitted, or later on from the global feed.

Moving debt items across groups

Debt items are currently scoped to groups, which means that a debt item is created inside a specific group.

You can move items from one group to another as you evolve your group structure.

<aside> 🗣️ Looking for feedback!

We want to change how groups work and would love your input. The way we think about it is "report first, organise later" — right now a lot of the work to organise the debt you've track is front-loaded which introduces a lot of friction.

You can find our WIP wireframes here — reach out at or book a 15min call with us 🙏


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