One of my favourite historians, johann chaputeau, got asked about the resemblances between 1930 and 2020s.

He answered that it was a bad analogy, because in 1930 the average Joe had lived through, as a member of society, a war that was unlike no other. It was more intellectualy honest to compare ourselves to late 1800s : deep technological changes and a crumbling old society, fit for the past but not anymore for the present.

One mental model nobody talks about in my entourage is : "what if we are soviet Union 5 years from collapse ?"

Antiquated model, check.

Obviously flawed rethoric that, while being spoken out loud in oublic, convinces no one, check.

Inability of leaders to understand the new wave of change, check.

The world my kids will grow up in will be drastically different from the one I grew up in.

What is the moral duty of one when living through those times ?

Let's read some russian literature. And then, let's build.