These are the promotional positions on the right hand side (of most pages) and at the the bottom (of most pages). It's a place to showcase specials, email signs up ... anything you want! See an example on our sample homepage.

  1. Create your promotional image.

    <aside> 💡 We recommend using Adobe Photoshop to build your promotional image, though there are many free/cheap tools out there. We also recommend using fonts and colours consistent with your logo and website.


    <aside> 💡 See Guide to Image Sizes for more help here.


  2. Export to a PNG or JPEG format.

  3. Log in to your site’s admin area (e.g.


  5. Under either the SIDEBAR or FOOTER PLACEMENTS section, enter a name for the image and click ADD.

  6. Drag and drop your promotional image into the box at the bottom of the form.

  7. Add the end-result page URL into the “Link” field.

  8. Click SAVE.

  9. Refresh your site in your browser, and check the image appears in the carousel as you expect it to on your homepage.