OK, Culture has been covered here. Now it's time to think about communicating this culture and making sure that newcomers feel welcome, empowered and ready to work as soon as possible.

Many companies are relying on what is known as companies' handbooks. They are, basically, user guides and tutorials of what to do/know about the company.

On this page, I'll share the best public Handbooks you can find, a great source of inspiration if you don't have one already.

I will soon publish the comet Employee Handbook but it's not quite ready yet 🙃

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I'm truly passionate by company building, organization, culture, and decision making. Since working for comet I've had the luck to be able to witness this firsthand and to gather a strong knowledge base on the topic. Now it's time for me to share it (and soon to build upon it with my own knowledge).

If you have feedbacks or if you want me to add more things on this page, feel free to send me an email at yo@yoann.co

If you want to learn more about comet just visit our website or our medium publication.

📄Handbooks List

Blendle's Employee Handbook

Basecamp Employee Handbook

The Nylas Handbook

HackerBay Employee Handbook

Clef (now Rublon) Handbook

Valve Handbook for New Employees