Honeybees are always searching for honey rests on flowers after flowers in search of their nectar. The main goal of the honeybee is to find honey. It doesn't look for feces, its sole love is for its honey and the scent along with the pollen. It doesn't require the feces. It travels long distances in search of flowers. It sits on the flower and draws honey. It then takes the honey through its mouth, and then the pollen to its feet. It returning to its hive, and deposits them in its hive. As it goes it creates huge amounts of honey. It doesn't search for any other scent. If there is a different scent, no matter it's the smell of feces or even the sweet smell that is attar won't be drawn by these. It is able to go directly into a flower to drink its honey. Buy Mitti Attar Online

The same way, someone who truly is searching for God and is looking for God's grace , truth and virtues, will fly to a sheikh just as the honeybee fly to the flower. What is he looking for from this flower? He requires the wisdom and honey of God's grace. To get the sweetness of grace and the God-given qualities and acts, the person should be at his sheikh, and then extract them from the sheikh similar to how honey is extracted by a bee from the petals of a flower. That's his honey.

The followers must be seated on the qalb, the most innermost part of the sheikh, and drink the honey. In his vicinity, there could be gold, land women treasures, treasures and feces. urine and silver, gold or platinum. Silk and velvet. There might be happiness and wealth as well as property and house or families and tribes. There are thrones and palaces as well as things. All of these and more might surround the sheikh, however, the true disciple will not take a seat on any of them since they don't have the aroma he's seeking. They don't have the honey that he is looking for.

If he only sits in the heart of the sheikh you can get that honey called grace and it is called the honey gnanam the light of God's honey The honey of splendor known as Nur the honey of God's kingdom grace the mystery of God's honey. The disciple, the devotee, that one who is dedicated for the sheikh serves God and service to humanity in general, will sit at the sheikh's heart and drink his honey. He will not be seated on the earth. Buy Natural Attar Online

On the other hand, there are those who are drawn to the silver, gold wealth women, land races and religions, as well as gemstones, colors houses properties, health and joy that surround the sheikh, will never collect any honey, since these things are part of the Earth. The gold they consider to be isn't actually gold, it's just earth. The precious stone isn't the most valuable stone. It is the hell. You will not find honey in any one of these items. Any person who believes in these things is likely to die along with them. If the thing belongs to earth it will be taken to earth. If it is a part of hell it will be sent to hell. If it belongs to mayaor to illusion, he'll go to maya. He won't be capable of extracting honey. Best Attar Brands in India