Enrollment Deadlines & Form

Current Date: November 4, 2022

Submission Cutoff: November 18, 2022

Enrollment Application: https://sifchain.vnodes.info/

Program Information

Sifchain launched its Betanet with a live decentralized exchange (“DEX”) and cross-chain support to the Ethereum network in 2021. To help ensure a smooth network deployment, Sifchain initially launched with a cohort of Validators managed by the Ecosystem Fund and Team Treasury Reserve. Now with Mainnet launched, Sifchain is taking steps to usher in further decentralization by re-delegating most of its tokens currently staked by the Ecosystem Fund and Team Treasury Reserve to its Validator ecosystem. ROWAN generated from these delegations will go to the Ecosystem Fund.

A Sifchain network validator may qualify for Validator Delegation Program. New delegation rounds happen every 3 months. Sifchain’s Validator Delegation Program is designed to decentralize liquidity on the Sifchain platform to create a more secure network as well as to foster the growth of an active and committed Validator ecosystem. As part of this program, Sifchain will re-delegate tokens to qualified ecosystem Validators that demonstrate commitment to adding value to the network. Throughout this transitional period of re-delegation, Sifchain will decommission its own Validators.

If you would like to be a part of our mission to build the most performant omni-chain DEX (and be rewarded for your contributions), then you should apply to participate in Sifchain’s Validator Delegation Program!

Become a Sifchain Validator and Apply for Delegation

In order to be eligible to receive delegations through this program, Validators must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

Initial Eligibility Requirements