Mission and Alignment

Aragon’s motto is "Govern better, together."

If the Tech and Dev Guilds are working to supply the infrastructure for better governance, the Community Experience squad is part of supplying the DAO with better togetherness.

We see the Community Wellbeing proposal to be aligned with the community's vision to "Govern better, together" by supporting the people in Aragon to also “Work better, together”.

Protecting the health of our working community and our contributors is key to ensure contributor retention and make sure everybody can work and perform at their very best to help Aragon grow.

Providing psychological safety by building an environment where everybody feels comfortable to admit mistakes, show vulnerability, ask questions and offer new ideas is the way to reach such outcome.

In order to do it, we want to work on three separate levels:



We are committed to:

Creating collaboration mechanisms in which violence is not only disincentivized, but impossible.”

(Aragon Manifesto)