We are building a better way to orchestrate work

Have you noticed that your work needs to be passed back and forth between multiple people and software systems before it can be completed?

For example, if you use Figma, how do you track a mockup or prototype’s feedback (from your team, product managers, other stakeholders), progress and then hand it off to engineering? Teams struggle to strike a balance between keeping everyone organized and adding overhead, disrupting flow.

We created Baton to solve this problem and thousands of others just like it. Most software requires you to adapt the way you work to the way the software thinks you should do the work. We believe it should be the other way around: you decide how you want the work to happen, and then the software does all of the behind-the-scenes (e.g. creating custom applications or forms, routing work, calling other systems to pull data, sending data to services to transform it) work for you.

Why Baton?

Huge opportunity. Business productivity is experiencing a renaissance, spurred on by cloud computing and the low-code movement. Where some see a crowd, we see an opportunity to distinguish ourselves. When we see people try out Baton for the first time, we see their eyes light up. They tell us it feels like the way work should happen.

Huge design challenges. How do you help people set up a system that conforms to the way they work without just giving them another full time job to make the new process? How can we empower anyone to build the software they need, without traditional software development training or skills? What parts can and should we automate and what parts require the a person’s expertise or judgement? Great product design is foundational to our product and business model.

The right team. We are a team of 5 product and engineering veterans (10+ years experience each) from Google, Yahoo with previous startup experience (Sprongo, Zampus). We take pride in building products that have impacted billions of users (Google Shopping, Yahoo Mail).

We care about who we work with. We are all fortunate to have successful careers with many job opportunities available to us. We choose to work on Baton because we believe in the mission of the company, but we also genuinely like the people that we work with.

The resources and network to succeed. We’ve raised $2.5M in seed funding by top tier VCs (Bloomberg Beta is our lead investor) and angel investors such as David Fischer (CRO, Facebook), Sameer Samat (VP Android), and John Lilly (former Greylock partner).

You are a hungry, growth-minded product thinker with a track record of shipping

You will be our founding designer, and we believe design has a seat at the table