Effective from August 2017

Approved by: Chief Executive Officer


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to provide a framework for our home care service to manage alleged and suspected elder abuse including assessment, internal reporting, capacity and response.


This policy and procedure applies to:

  1. Workers (including employees, volunteers, independent contractors and subcontractors); and
  2. care recipients of our home care service(s).


This document sets out our internal procedure for responding to allegations or suspicions of elder abuse of a care recipient of our home care service.

Media and confidentiality


Disclosures of alleged or suspected abuse may attract media attention. We will use all reasonable endeavours to protect the privacy interests of all parties involved.

Workers must not make any statement to the media. If a Worker is approached to make a statement or comment they must refer the person to the Head of Member Care and Service Delivery. If the Head of Member Care and Service Delivery is not available, Workers must contact the Chief Operating Officer.


In cases of suspected elder abuse, the care recipient’s confidentiality is to be respected. The care recipient has the right to decide what personal information is disclosed to outside sources.


Support and advocacy services

We will use all reasonable efforts to provide or make support and counselling available to those who require it including: the care recipient, family, the person reporting the alleged or suspected conduct, Workers and other care recipients.

We will endeavour to provide Workers with the opportunity for debriefing at a service level and support them by providing information about other available counselling options.

We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the care recipient subjected, or suspected to be subjected, to any form of abuse or assault is provided with and/or assisted to access opportunities for support, counselling and/or debriefing. This may include providing information on or contacting support or advocacy services.