Just a taste of The Discourse about this newsletter bubble we seem to be in—plus some of my favorites that are worth a sub.

🗞️ An interesting, and beautifully illustrated, read that's been making the rounds: Robin Rendle on Newsletters and why they're worse (and/or better) than websites

‡ Members of The Society of the Double Dagger receive wide-ranging dispatches by writer Robin Sloan about writing, game development, and many other topics.

⌨️ I'm excited for Aaron A. Reed's new series (and upcoming book) diving deep into 50 Years of Text Adventures.

🦉 Each issue of Amy Jean Porter's Wild Life recounts tales and tidbits about different wild animal, illustrated with an original watercolor.

🎶 Bandcloud is a weekly roundup of quality electronic music ("house/techno/ambient/drone") on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

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