The Story

Saurav's Tech Lab actually started as Saurav's Teslab, because it was all about Teslas. I started off just reviewing car accessories for the Model 3. In fact, the first video I filmed, I actually got the license plate for free, which was what got me so excited to film. I made a bunch of sponsored posts, and although I only have around 220 subscribers, I've made around $400, after buying a tripod and a few mics.

Eventually, I started using the 10-year-old DSLR camera my family had bought a while back. I learned aperture and shutter speedĀ and adjusted them manually for each video (RIP to the countless failed takes). I learned out how to use the Blue Snowball and the rhode lav mic through separate recording software too. Overall, I had a lot of fun with the channel and learned a lot about filmography!



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Saurav's Tech Lab