About Us

You can read more about the company at www.cofruition.com/about

How Cofruition works

Whenever Cofruition gets a new client we work out the specific tasks that need to be done in the production of each podcast episode.

We then assemble a team to do these tasks.

The team dynamic typically looks like this


How we assemble teams

We ask freelance applicants to send in a general application that will be received by Cofruition's hiring manager. This will include the roles that you would like to be eligible for.

When Cofruition has a new client/ project, the hiring manager will look through the general applications and invite certain candidates to apply for a position.

The process is roughly as follows:

1. Shortlist

  1. Candidates who meet the criteria are invited to apply for the specific (podcast) project
  2. A selection of candidates are shortlisted for an interview
  3. The successful candidate is offered the position

<aside> ☝ Note that unsuccessful candidates are still eligible for future projects (sometimes it's just not a fit, even if you are great)


2. Training

If it is your first time working with Cofruition then we will take you through some training so you are up to speed on all of the systems/ processes/ templates that we use

3. Begin work