Do you enjoy using Git/Subversion/TortoiseSVN or any other version control system as an artist? We didn't think so, because they're not built for you.

How to version control in mudstack

Version control in mudstack is easy— simply upload new versions by dropping them onto the page while in the Versions view of any asset. For more details, see here.

From this view, you can easily edit the name and description of any version to share more context with your team about what changed. You can also delete incorrect versions and set any version as the current version by clicking Set current. This ensures that when anyone downloads the asset from mudstack, they are always downloading the current (and therefore correct) version.

No more back and forth about where the current version is!

<aside> ⚡ We're actively building out desktop apps for mudstack and we're on the lookout for beta testers. The desktop app removes the need to import assets from your local filesystem and instead watches specified folders for changes so syncing happens automatically.

Want to get your hands on it early? Sign up for the beta →



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