Yesterday, I got mad again.

I know, it's not healthy and I should be a zen-budda-meditating-in-an-enlightened state, but welp, I was not.

I was on a TV stage to talk about the fundraising of, and speak about the state of digitization of the factories, the challenges in getting them to know and love tech, and so on.

There was an amazing woman on that stage : down to earth, humble, speaking of what she knew. Lucky factories to have her as an ally.

There was a guy on that stage. I found him unlikeable as soon as he entered the stage - no handshaking, no small talk, obviously not interested in people. Also, first words for the woman were "Oh, I had breakfast with your boss one week ago" - shitty power move, rude.

On stage, he was obviously trying to get his message (yet another platform for "helping startups to blahblahblah") and not reacting to anything. It was also very clear he never went to factories and was having disconnected-from-the-shopfloor discussions with other disconnected-from-the-shopfloor people.

I tried to be the best version of myself on that stage and I hope it was not clear how furious I was. As being furious is not a usual part of who I am, I pledged to think about it after a few days to further explore the why.

Out with the obvious : TV sets are stressing, and having someone kinda rude and trying to overpower you is not a good time. But I was not mad because of that.

The thing is : there are troves of 40-something tall white dudes who have no idea what they're talking about, but are proficient in talking about it. They are taking the precious limited resources that we could give to builders, to misfits honestly trying to change the world, to people who care about the shopfloor. But as a society, we're not giving money nor power nor exposure to those people.

We're giving exposure to pricks gaming the system.