Press Paint if you like what you see or No if you don't.

Pause by pressing the painting. This is also where you can save your painting and give it a title.

Even if your painting is still a work-in-progress, you can save the steps you took along the way and Load later on.

Press the Prompt text displaying the active brushes to manually enter commands.

To start a new painting from scratch type Reset into the Prompt and press Go.

Peek Button

Click the Peek button to return to the Main Menu, control Volume or Music and see the Manual. You can also inspect your painting here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

No Left Arrow A

Pause Down Arrow S

Open Prompt Space

Paint Right Arrow D

Resume Up Arrow W

Loop Control

Go / Ok Return Enter

Loop Control

Help / Focus (? / _ ) Alt

Clear Escape

... (Autocomplete) Tab ****


The command prompt as seen while painting.

All brushes have customizable parameters which can be typed into a text prompt.