Part-Time, Virtual: May 12 - July 3

Full-Time, In-Person:

Program Leads:

Ramón Galvan,

Xochi Chavez,


Historias de Boston is a youth employment program wherein youth learn the fundamentals of photography, videography, and editing with an emphasis on digital storytelling centered on the Boston National Historical Park sites.


At program's end youth will be equipped with video and audio production skills and techniques to go on to create their own film projects. In the process, youth will become acquainted with software tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro for video and sound editing and Adobe Lightroom for photography editing. Likewise, youth will become comfortable operating an audio recorder and digital camera, as well as manually setting exposure.

Above all, youth will be exposed to visual art they might not been aware of, parks they might not yet have visited, and history they might not have considered. The Historias de Boston program is a space for youth to come to know, consider, and challenge the history of places like the National Parks of Boston as well as their own.