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O3i is on a mission to digitally transform the #proptech industry.

O3i is committed to drive operational intelligence in buildings focussed on people : the 3O`s : Owners, Operators & Occupants, thats why we go as O3i !! We build products thats focussed on improving the journey and touch-points of people in a building. SimpleAccess is one such story

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The good thing about the pandemic has been the ability to expose us towards a remote working culture. Sometimes, we need to be pushed to experience the outcomes and this is exactly what the pandemic did. It allowed us to explore hiring in territories apart from India to build a world class product. Its our belief that we need the best people for the job, irrespective of their location. We believe in diversity and are an equal opportunity team player. Talent and Dedication is all it takes to succeed.


Standup Meetings are now replaced by Virtual Standup Meetings. Life Goes on.


The World is our office. Getting the best talent to deliver the best product & experience

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Last updated: June 20, 2019