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ES112 - Computing

20180827-01. Venue Update

The classes of ES112 will happen at 1/001.

20180818-02. Extension of the survey

We will keep the survey open to submissions until midnight on Monday, 20th August, 2018.

20180818-01. ES112 v/s ES102

Please see here for an extensive breakdown of the million-dollar question:

FAQ: ES112 vs. ES102

20180807-01. Course Registration

Please indicate, via this Google form, if you are registering for ES112.

Note that you have a choice between ES112 (this course; Computing) and ES102 (webpage here, Introduction to Computing).

Please make an appropriate choice based on - (1) your past experience with programming, and (2) your branch (for instance, we recommend* for students of CSE and EE to consider ES112, as the slightly advanced approach of the course will be helpful for discipline-specific courses that you will encounter in the future).

If you are confused about what choice to make, you are welcome to talk to the course instructors to find out more.

*Please note that a "recommendation" is just that - a suggestion, and not a mandate.

20180801-01. Course Website

The course website is live. If you are reading this, you are already on it :) Click the link on top to go back to the main page.