The White Mirror

Sailing’s 3Ms

Happiness Equation

Your Brain, on Starboard Tack

Lore x 4

Yin-Yang of Work & Play

Affordable Loss: Spintrepreneurship

The Call—& Callouses—of the Sea Roles & Rules

“All knowledge leads to self-knowledge.” ~Bruce Lee

About X Notes Apparent—& Building…

This section/series contains some brief attempts to explain connections, epiphanies and other ideas I’ve noted while sailing. Some came from conversations: trying to explain things to my sailing students and racing coachees, conversing with other crew members, or interacting with parts of the boat. Others originate in inner dialogues: manning 3 a.m. watches alone during crossings and even sitting on the rail while racing provided me device-free time for deep thinking.

Also, l try to cross-fertilize and synthesize ideas from my other businesses/projects, especially:

About - Professions on Purpose

“Do Work that Calls to You”. PoP is Stefan’s day job.

About FARM

“Cultivate Your Self”. FARM is Stefan’s allegorical algorithm: Natural Intelligence is AI’s antidote.

(*The numeral preceding “Notes” reflects my current number of entries.)