Electric Current, Transistors

Everything comes back around to physics! How is information transported through simple electricity?

Some of the early things that looked like recognizable computers used mechanical relays to send information.

Through the mechanical relay, people were able to send current through different paths. The different combination of paths could represent different kinds of information.

Obviously, this technology has evolved significantly since then. In electronic physics, we use conductors, inductors, and semiconductors (transistors). Transistors are used to control and send information.

In your computer chips, there are billions of tiny little transistors which can do exactly what a mechanical relay is doing. The more transistors available to a chip, the faster it can process information! Engineering.

Moore's Law, Ethics

In 1965, Gordon Moore plotted out and made an observation about different computer chips and how many transistors could fit in it.


Everything on your screen right now, anything you navigate to is represented through binary. Name some stuff.