Q/A About Lists:

Let's create our Notion page together about Lists—what do you want to know about lists? (What do we already know about lists?)

Pick THREE of the following problems to solve and then we will have a work day for about an hour. Within that hour, I want you to present to me your solutions for each of those problems! (Each of them will require using a list.)

Processing Lists

Template for you to work with

to-report count-zeroes-of-list
  let index 0
;   let the-min item 0 the-list
  let number-of-zeroes 0
  while [index < length the-list] [
    let current-number item index the-list
    if current-number = 0 [
      set number-of-zeroes number-of-zeroes + 1
    set index index + 1
  report number-of-zeroes