You are a strange generation of streamers and gamers and stream-watchers. After a quick discussion with my folks in person with Tuesday, I realized that I never worked made a section on programming games!

This will also help us better understand passing in parameters and how procedures can be used.

Reminder also that we have class tomorrow. Now it's actually mandatory mandatory 👿


Back in the olden days, in Minecraft Classic—the version with no monsters and where you only had like 16 blocks and all blocks (except for bedrock) broke if you punched it once, a game named "Spleef" was invented. Now, I have no idea where this name comes from or what it means and if it means something terrible I deeply apologize.

The goal of the game was that you had a big platform over a large pit with at least two people on the floor. The goal of the game was to break the ground to make your opponents fall and to be the last one standing.

Let's make this! But first, let's make a plan..

How should we implement each of these things? (split into groups and share)

Let's create!