c1.0 Hello World with console.log


console.log("Hello World!");

run server

$ git checkout -f c1.0
$ node server.js
Hello World!

<aside> 💡 console.log allow us to write to the server output, commonly used for logging and debugging


from: https://devhumor.com/media/adding-another-programming-language-to-my-resume

from: https://devhumor.com/media/adding-another-programming-language-to-my-resume

What server? 🤷🏽‍♂️

A server can refer to the hardware (usually a networked powerful machine that stays 24/7) that hosts some server software.

But here we'll focus on the server software used in web, also known as just "server" or "the backend".

What is a server/backend?

A modern backend stack can be responsible for a lot of things, like be a "server" for database, email, ssh, file, network, etc.

But a server for web must be at least an HTTP server, that can understand URLs and HTTP protocol to:


What is a client?

A web client (aka "client") can be anything that can understand URLs and HTTP protocol to: