Yes yes. Everyone's doing weeknotes these days. I've been inspired by the weeknotes of folk like Simon and Sam recently, but it's a thing I've both enjoyed reading, and dabbled with in the past.

I'm trying to be more intentional about taking notes of what I'm doing, reading, thinking etc. This is not just because it's maddening when I remember the tail of a thing but can't remember where it was so I can share it, but also so that I can present my inner critic with evidence when it's being shitty. Beyond that, getting back into the habit of writing can only be a good thing.



Week 9 at Earnd (we're hiring! join us!). I'm pretty settled in now, and still loving it.

Part of the week was prepping various bits and pieces of work for engineers to implement, part was stepping back from the detail and continuing the redesign of a fairly big chunk of functionality to allow for a change in use.

Quite apart from the satisfaction of solving the actual problem in a way that's useful, usable and attractive, I really enjoy figuring out how to sequence and implement various bits of it so that a) it’s not a massive big bang type thing, b) we can allow enough time for coding and testing to be done, c) we can learn and iterate, and d) there’s enough time to do any necessary thinking and research.

It’s like a 3D jigsaw puzzle except I don’t know what the picture on the box is. Yet.

But I also get to make up that bit too!

Design Systems

I also signed up to Superfriendly’s February cohort of their design systems study hall and enjoyed my first session on Friday. I’ve been watching the videos for the course while walking on the treadmill which feels like a good use of time and attention.

Not work


Natalie and I started spinning together on Monday, with the aim of producing as much laceweight yarn as we could from a free gift chunk of fibre that came with a Christmas gift. Natalie has finished hers already and I’m not far behind.

Twitter thread starts here


Some months ago we hacked lumps out of a couple of walls because we figured we could add some extra storage to the house. We were right that we could. But had no real idea how little energy we’d have to do it. Last weekend MrP filled one of the holes and this weekend we're working on the other.