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One payroll. Any country. Every team.

We’re building the all-in-one people platform for remote teams. From onboarding to compliance through benefits, we help hundreds of companies around the world hire across borders.

Why us?

We’ve been a remote team from the beginning. We think it’s the future.

Our mission is to create a more open worldwide job market. Your opportunities in life shouldn’t depend on where you were born, or what country you currently live in. For people to realize their full potential in life, they need fulfilling and meaningful jobs. “It’s too hard to hire you” should never be an excuse.

We’re a small team that’s excited about helping bring this world about in whatever way we can. We don’t hire for culture fit as we believe everybody is unique and can add to what it means to work at Pilot.

What it’s like to work at Pilot

🌐 Work with people from around the world.

We focus on helping U.S. businesses, but our team is diverse and distributed all over Europe, the United States, South and Latin America, Canada, Africa, Indonesia, India, and more.

📢 Share information, knowledge, and ideas across teams.

Everything that happens at Pilot is shared by default. We believe that’s the only way to build well-functioning distributed teams. You can’t make good decisions without access to information. Even our leadership meetings are open for anyone to join.

💙 Own work that directly impacts the business.

There’s no less important work at Pilot. We hire people only when it directly benefits our customers and empowers the teams to do their best work.

🏡 Fully remote with flexible hours and no Slack/Zoom fatigue.

We don’t expect our team to be online at all times. We schedule company-wide or team-wide meetings only within a narrow window each day. Most of us have pretty empty schedules and have time to get work done. We also believe that to perform well, you have to recover well, so encourage our teams to do that often.

🌺 You are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table.

Even though we are divided into teams, we work together as a whole and help each other where we can. There are no questions that can not be asked. Your voice will be heard.

📈 Fast growth without cutting corners.

We believe in high growth but not growth-at-all-costs. We don’t chase valuations or celebrate fundraises as major achievements. We prefer to talk about how we consistently win awards for best multi-country payroll or how our customers love Pilot.

Pilot’s journey


2015. We start Pilot to connect the best companies with great talent around the world after years of building distributed teams ourselves. We knew there’s a better way.